My Story

Born and brought up all over India as my dad served in Indian army. He retired as Major General. Discipline, determination and dedication all come naturally to me and embedded from a very young age.

After getting married to my husband who is a software professional, I got into professional dancing and later did a couple of certification in fitness which kept me fit.

The credit of my success goes mainly to my husband, who has supported me throughout this difficult journey. I have been married for the past 18 years.

According to me, it is very important to balance between your career and family. Thankfully, it has n’t been much of a trouble for me because my children are old enough and are pretty independent. Giving time to family is extremely essential and is a must.

After having my kids (I am a mom of two angels) and with a busy lifestyle, I got introduced to weight training and just got hooked to it, as the change in me was phenomenal. I wasn’t thin or skinny but lean and toned. And after winning several high profile international fitness competitions, I am only getting stronger and better.

I believe achieving these awards is just the beginning of a long journey in Fitness world.

My vision is to see India a fit nation, I am working towards increasing awareness into fitness and help everyone I can with the knowledge and experience I have to live a healthy and disciplined lifestyle to ensure a stress free environment.

Many women ask me, if it is possible for them to get six-packs after having kids.

Yes, definitely! Our society still thinks that six pack abs are meant for men and not women. According to them, women should behave in a traditional manner and not get into the fields meant for men. However, as I said, things are in the process of changing and now men and women both are appreciated for their hard work.

Diet and Fitness Consulting

For consultation regarding diet, fitness, health, weightloss and general wellbeing, contact me for customized plans.