How to do a seated  Lat Pulldown?

By Sonali Swami

position your feet and adjust the top pad. Grab the handle shoulder-width apart and sit down Secure your legs under the top pad.

Grab the handle,

Sit with your chin back, chest up & pull down the handle with your elbows going back

Check your Posture

Slowly going up

Let the hands go up as high as you can.

Do 10 - 15 reps.

Don’t rush, keep it steady.

Every rep you must squeeze your back & have the blades come together.

Squeeze your shoulder blades

Lift your chest up as the handle comes down.

Good tip

– Increase weight & drop reps – Switch grip – Change tempo

Experiment a bit

– First movement should be a downward pull. – Bar must come across the mid-chest.

Do it correctly

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